The Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth

Under the patronage of the Daraa Governorate Council and the Sub-Authority for Sports and Youth in Daraa, in collaboration with Olive Branch Organization and Basma Relief and Development Organization,  the matches of the Governorate Cup stared last Monday under the name of ” Martyrs of Freedom’ Cup”.

In the presence of a reasonable crowd and in the first match of (Jasim Town) group in this championship, the two clubs (Jasim vs Al-Naseria) met, the match ended with a surprise result for Jassim club fans, where the ” Al-Naseria ” club won by three goals to two goals.

Jasim Club is one of the first division clubs, while Al-Naseria Club is one of the third division clubs that is newly licensed to The Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth.

“Goals:”Jasim: “Yousef Al-Adlabi (two goals)”- Al-Naseria: “Bilal Sweden – Malik Sorour – Ali Al-Shareida”.

“Cards”: The game witnessed seven yellow cards and one red.

“The yellow cards”:

Jasim: “Yusuf Denifat” – Al-Naseria: “Malik Sorour – Khaled Al Shamali – Ali Al Sharida – Ashraf Al Sharida – Mohammed Al Saleh – Omran Al Ahmad”.

“The red cards”:

The game witnessed one red card on the player of Jasim club “Mohammed Shteiwi”.

“Referees of the match”: Referee: Shaker Al-Bardan – Assistant referee 1: Ahmed Al-Ghanem – Assistant referee 2: Abu Nur Bardan – Fourth referee: Moein Al-Zoubi – Match observer: Ahmed Al-Ammar.

The Sub-Authority for Sports and Youth in Daraa Governorate, met with the Technical Committee for Football, the Competitions Committee, the referees’ committee and sports clubs in the western region, to select the stadiums and draw lots of “Martyrs of Freedom’ Cup” in Daraa.

Where the number of clubs in the Western region reached 21, clubs attended the meeting to choose stadiums in the two clusters in the western region, the two clusters are the “Jydur District”, which includes eight clubs and the “Central Western Region” includes 13 clubs.

The system of the contest and draw method came out of the knockout of one game, and then distribute the teams in two groups, and in the case of a tie, the match is decided by penalties directly, in the finals, “the champion of the Jydur District will play with the West Central Champion”, and the champion plays with the Eastern Region champion on the “Martyrs of Freedom’ Cup”.

The Sub-Authority for Sports and Youth was established in the governorate of Daraa in 2016, after the elections of sports clubs in the province, and in the same year joined The Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth.