The Syrian Authority for Sport and Youth

After the departure of the Syrian athletes free from the neighborhood of the forest “headquarters of the Sub-Authority for Sports and Youth” towards the north of Syria, the youth sports in Homs Governorate restructured and re-elected the Homs sub-authority in towns and cities of the countryside.

Where the Sub-Authority for Sports and Youth met in Homs on Tuesday 8 _7 _2017 and was discussed the start of the classification league and getting the expenses and equipment, as the “tennis table” competition was discussed, which the responsible for the game prepared for it a reasonable and acceptable preparation according to available possibilities.

In addition to issuing a statement in which the Committee affirmed that, it is a non-dependence on any administrative, political or military authority except for the Public Authority for Sport and Youth and it and it is the only who has the right of accountability.

After the meeting with the presidents of clubs within the Sub-Authority, It was decided unanimously to holding a classification league on two groups of men teams who are registered in the lists and records of the Authority as of 28 this month, where clubs were divided geographically into four regions.

  • Western “and includes teams in the city of Hula and around.
  • Northern “and includes teams of Talbisseh,Al- Zafarana, Al-Mkramia, Helal Homs and the gathering of Al-Saan.”
  • Eastern “includes the teams of Al-Damina,Izz al-Din, Deir fol, AL-Rastan and Granada.”
  • Southern “and includes teams of Aldar Al-Kabirah, Al-Ghantu, Tair Maala and Ahli Homs.

The Executive Office of the Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth has issued in the first week of July a decision to appoint the Sports and Youth Sub-Authority in Homs and includes:

  • Zakaria Kaison, President of the Sub-Authority.
  • Ahmed Al-Daher, Vice-president of the Sub-Authority.
  • Abdel Basset Kassab Secretary.
  • Firas Mgharbal team games Officer.
  • Mohammed Al-Marai individual games Officer.
  • Osama Matar Athletics Officer.
  • Wissam Al-Oweid Special Games Officer.
  • Sabri Al-Khader Sports Facilities Officer.
  • Hazem Shamsi, Legal Officer.
  • Tawfik Bakour, Chief Financial Officer.
  • Samer Sulaiman Media Officer.

As for the work plan of activities identified by the Authority in Homs, on Saturday, July 15, the first table tennis tournament in Homs started with the participation of 64 players spread over eleven clubs, organizers in the tournament adopted the knockout system within the competition.

After the three days of competition, the results were as follows:

First place “player Maher Alwan” Al-Rastan Club

Second place “Player Mohammed Mansour” Al-Rastan Club

Third place: “Player Osama Matar” Al-Rastan Club

Third place repeated “player Mohammed Taqtaq” Civil Defense Club

As the Group draw for the classifications league of football in Homs was lunched a few days ago in the presence of the Technical Committee for football and the Authority for Sports and Youth in Homs and representatives of the 22 clubs, where clubs were divided into two groups.

After the end of the league, the top four teams from each group are ranked first division, the second four are second division and the rest are in addition to the newly affiliated clubs third division.

The following are the names of teams in the classifications league:

The first group … “Western Tayeb – Rastan – Makramia – Ter Maala – Ghantu – AlZafarana – Frhaniyah – Aldar Alkabira – Teldo – Granada – Talbiseh”

The second group … “Damina – Civil Defense – Ahly Homs – Kafrhha – Talabh – Deir fol – Talf – Alborj – Akrab – Hilal Homs – Izz Aldin”

It is noteworthy that the Sub-Authority in Homs was established in 2016 in March in Al-Wa’ar neighborhood, and joined the Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth in the same year; the Syrian Free Sports Youth conducted a number of sports activities and competitions in various specialties and age groups.

The most important of which was the second Al-Wa’ar Sports Festival with the participation of 965 athletes, coaches and administrators from different age groups in cooperation between the Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth and the Syrian Regional Program.