The Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth

The Syrian Volleyball Federation of the Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth is the second federation of team sport after the Football Federation, and it includes in its board of directors and technical committees; a group of well-known names and experiences in Syrian and Arab handball.

The Syrian Handball Federation of the Syrian Sports and Youth Organization was established in 2016 after a meeting that included a number of Syrian players and coaches who were dissident from the Assad regime and most notably:

Mr. Rafie Bijbouj, coach of the Syria Handball team and the former coach of El Jaish Handball Club, who is currently the vice president of the Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth, former player and Coach Abdel Raouf Al-Amir, former player and journalist Elaf Kaddah, Mr. Sa’eed Al-Amir and Dr. Salim Abu Qweider.

The establishment step came after repeated and periodic meetings and correspondences during the period ranging from one month to two months, resulting in several subsidiaries that affiliates the federation, and an internal system and a clear work plan were developed to be followed later, the Board of Directors of the Federation; announced that it had joined the Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth in the same month.

In response to our question about the possibility of international participation that the Federation puts into its work plan, Mr. Mohamed Sa’eed Al-Amir, member of the Syrian Handball Federation, said:

That the Federation is working on the launching of the free Syrian handball team in the near future and we are trying to get some of the requirements and create the conditions for the team to assemble soon.

Moreover, about the Federation work policy and expanding the base of Handball game in Syria Mr. Al-Amir said:

After the expansion of the Federation and the players and coaches began to apply for membership, and as soon as the applications were completed, the Federation quickly re-elections for a new term, and the new tasks were distributed as follows:

Mohamed Sa’eed Al-Amir               Acting Chief             (Secretary of the Federation).

Salim Abu Qweider                          Chief Financial Officer.

Hamza Uday                                      Head of the Office of teams and activities.

Ibrahim Al-Hariri                               Head of the Inside Office.

Hazem Abu Nabout                          Head of Media Office.

Abdelghani Maghrabi                      Member.

Mr. Ibrahim Al-Hariri, member of the Board of Directors of the Federation, talked about the next and future plan in the handball family, saying:

That the Federation has drawn up its future plans within its monthly meetings, including work on international recognition and pull out the legitimacy from the criminal regime or participation underneath the Olympic flag.

And about the problems faced by the Federation, he said:

“The Handball Federation is unable to keep pace with work and activity without sponsorship and financial support, as the Federation has the best cadres and players at the terms of Syria, and we have the largest number of international players dissident from the Federation of the regime.

It is worth mentioning that a number of sports centers for the handball game, the Federation worked through its technical committee to launch it in Daraa Governorate, to take care of teenagers and gifted children in this game since last year.