The Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth

The President and members of the sports sub-authority in the Damascus Countryside Governorate completed a series of meetings and joint sessions with revolutionary civil councils and organizations in the eastern Ghouta, with the aim of increasing coordination and joint work between the revolutionary civil institutions and informing the councils and organizations; about the operation of the sport in the eastern Gutha organizationally and administratively.

The Sub-authority for Sports and Youth in Damascus Countryside Governorate (Rif Dimashq Governorate) last week held a joint meeting with the President and members of the Damascus Countryside Governorate Council, In the presence of Mr. Akram Tu’mah, Vice President of the Syrian Interim Government, Mr. Bassam Zaitoun, Head of the Services Directorate in Damascus Rural Governorate and a number of members of the federations who are working in the Eastern Ghouta.

The meeting started with expressions of welcome by Mr. Ziad Falitani, a member of the Damascus Countryside Governorate Council, who welcomed the attendees and stressed the keenness of the Damascus Countryside Governorate to build a true partnership with the Sub-Authority for Sports and Youth, which was confirmed and praised by Mr. Bilal Ghbeis, President of the Sports Sub-Authority in the Damascus Rural.

The audience also listened to two speeches by Mr. Akram Tu’mah and Mr. Mostafa Saqer, head of Damascus Rural Governorate Office, Mr. Mazen Al-Mahrous, Head of the Administrative Affairs Section of the Sub-Authority in Damascus Countryside Governorate, presented a detailed explanation of all the administrative and organizational structure of the Sub-Authority and its subordination to the Syrian Interim Government.

He also highlighted several documents and statements that show The Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth is the only representative and accredited by the Syrian Interim Government to represent sports and free athletes in all liberated Syrian regions.

At the conclusion of the joint session, it was agreed to establish a periodic meeting between the Damascus Countryside Governorate Council and the Sub-Authority for Sports and Youth, which would transfer the work from the coordination stage to the stage of true partnership.

In the first practical step of cooperation between the Sub-Authority for Sports and Youth and the Directorate of Education in Damascus Countryside, yesterday, a delegation from the Authority and the Directorate of Education, met in the preparatory meeting to launch the Summer Club project, which is considered a priority of the Directorate of Education under the supervision of the Sub-Authority for Sports and Youth.

The meeting began by welcoming Mr. Bilal Ramadan, the supervisor of the central sector in the Directorate of Education as well as representatives of sports clubs, the lecture was followed by a valuable lecture about the Physical Education, delivered by the head of the studies and projects in the Sub-Authority, Mohamed Farouk Hassoun, with an introduction by Mr. Bilal Ghbeis on how to deal with children and the role of sport in it.

Mr. Mazen Mahrous, Head of Administrative Affairs, confirmed that the coming days will bring good news in the field of joint cooperation between the two institutions, as well as between the Sports Authority and all the institutions of the Eastern Ghouta.

The attendees also asked a number of questions, which were answered by Fayez Al-Rifai, a member of the Sub-Authority, and receiving applications for nomination of athletes, who will be selected by the Authority, to supervise the physical education in the schools of the Eastern Ghouta covered by the summer club project.