The Syrian Authority of Sports and Youth

A number of boards of directors of sports sectors inside and outside Syria “Federations – Subsidiary Authorities” which is affiliated with the Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth issued a statements that confirming its commitment to work under the umbrella of the sports Authority, which in turn affiliated with the Syrian interim government.

The statements rejects to recognize what is called “Syrian Olympic Committee” which is instructed to form it by some members of the Syrian opposition coalition since last year, and its work was stopped twice after confirming the legal excesses and administrative errors in the proposition and content.

Whereas the formation of the Olympic Committee is the competence of the sports body that operates within the corridors of government, and its designation, working or launching does not come from a political party and without any hierarchy in the administrative and organizational work.

This naming “Olympic Committee” which was approved by the Coalition twice by two separate resolutions in 2016 and 2017; witnessed the withdrawal of certain names that have been declared not to be consulted in relation to the Committee or its launch or to ensure the safety of this step and its usefulness.

The Syrian Interim Government had approved the rules of procedure of the Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth on 4/5/2017 after matching the identifications of the papers that owned by the Authority and discussed it over two months through a quadripartite committee concerned with the decision of the Syrian interim government, to be the Authority is the sole representative of the free Syrian athletes.

Mr. Mohammed Al-Moallem, President of the Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth, spoke about the committee that formed by the Coalition by saying:

It is very surprising that this race in the formation of committees, canceling, withdrawing from its and returning to talk again at the same point since last year and so far.

Despite all the clarifications, inquiries and organizational aspects, which expressed by the Authority and committed to it with the Syrian Interim Government, I would like to point out something important that absent from the minds of the gentlemen in the Coalition, that the international community recognizes only the Olympic Committee of the Assad regime and the regime flag, it is futile for some members of the coalition to initiate such behavior and obstacles which will neither nourish nor satisfy hunger, but seeks to miss the efforts of youth sports and their work continued for four years until today.

Mr. Rafa Bajbouj, Vice President of the Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth, spoke to the media office by saying:

At a time when the steps of sports are progressing steadily and systematically in and out of Syria, in cooperation with the Syrian government and with distinct trust with a group of donors and organizations that have begun to pay attention to sport, we see the members of the coalition putting obstacles a
nd making arguments and justifications so as not to withdraw their illegitimate decision.

It is desirable that the gentlemen in the coalition consider the political file, amid all the distortions that occur on the political scene, Instead of tampering with the Syrian civil authorities and entities, noting that the Coalition has spared no effort in the past to thwart any progress at the level of active civil organizations, and has many experiences in this area, so I do not be surprised at what some think inside the corridors of the coalition to fight civil activity, which seeks every day to highlight the Syrian image in front of the world.

In turn, Mr. Mayser Mahmoud, Head of the Organizing Office in the Authority explained:

“After the coalition decision came out for the first time and after communicating with them and explaining how the formation of the Olympic Committee and working mechanisms to form such a body, the decision was folded, they communicated with us began by Mr. Yahya Maktabi to forming the Olympic Committee.

 After more than one meeting, we are surprised by the decision, when we asked him why he justified that he left the work in the file and put his recommendations to the Secretary-General Abdul-Ilah al-Fahd to request for our consultation in the formation of the Olympic Committee, which is considered an organizational structure of the sports body, which is known that it cannot be formed by political decision or even any interference at the level of the state, there is a lot of evidence that is still present, including the suspension of Kuwaiti sport from participating in the Olympic Games because of political interfe
rence in sports work in Kuwait ..

Note that we have outlined the mechanisms of formation according to the Olympic Charter for each person who contributed in the resolution before and after the issuance of the resolution, but it seems that there are strange things happening in the corridors of the coalition through some of the characters who admits that they have no information about the sport and asks our advice and then go to return things and mix the papers to stop the work of the sports file”.

 Captain Abdul Qader Abdul-Hai member of the Syrian Football Federation also talked about this subject by saying:

Almost three years after the launch of the Public Authority for Sport and Youth and the stages that passed between weakness and strength, it was necessary to evaluate the work and stand in the mistakes to avoid them and enhance the pros, from this point of view, communication was made with most sports experiences and several consultative meetings were held to evaluate the previous stages of work, and the future vision of Syrian sport and through coordination with the
Syrian interim government.

These meetings resulted in the official recognition of the date of 2017/5/12 under the decree No. 38 of the Prime Minister, that the Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth is the official and sole representative of Syrian athletes at home and abroad, the vision became clearer and more stable, with the participation of athletes with experience and a vision to contain everyone without exclusion, in order to deliver this sports institution to the stage of international recognition to be the real umbrella for all athletes.

Several friendly and consultative meetings have been held with the Turkish brothers in several states in order to activate the joint sport work between the two sides and serve the Syrian sport as well.

The official website of the Authority will issue on Thursday a complete file about the most prominent conversations and meetings that took place since last year and until today, between the Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth and some members of the Coalition, in particular, the two resolutions issued in 2016 and 2017 form the what’s called “Syrian Olympic Committee”.